History of Optimal Optik / Optimal Optic Service GmbH



You will find that OPTIMAL OPTIC SERVICE GmbH is set apart because we are young

compared to the giants in the business, which is basically a component of our success.



Foundation of the one-man company Optimal Optik - production and sale of tools and equipment

for spectacle optics.

Founder and owner: Josef Grammelspacher.


Looking back on 20 years of experience in the production of spectacle lenses, the founder was able

to quickly establish his company as a specialised precision manufacturer in the spectacle lens sector:


Product range for the processing of mineral and plastic lenses:

- Grinding and polishing tools

- Fining and polishing pads

- Surface saver tape

- Diamond wheels

- Spare parts for lens processing machines from established manufacturers



Foundation of Optimal Optic Service GmbH - production and sale of tools and equipment in the

spectacle lens sector. Founder and owner: Josef Grammelspacher


Planning, development and construction of an automated system for apply protective tape to

semi-finished lenses.

The system was specially designed with the steadily rising automation in the spectacle lens sector

 in mind.

The existing equipment had to be operated exclusively manually.



Patent application for a device for applying protective tape to spectacle lenses on 2nd June 1995



Optimal Optic Service GmbH is presenting at the international trade fair for ophthalmic optics

OPTICA  in Cologne a world debut. The automated tape coating system for spectacle lens



                         Premiere for the world’s first automated surfacing tape applicator.











The new technology was constantly improved upon through innovative and customer-focussed




Publication of the issue of the patent on 28th February 2002



Optimal Optic Service presents a fully automated and independent system for applying protective

 tape to semi-finished lenses. The semi-finished lenses are fed into the application process via a

conveyor belt.


With the knowledge that success also means "being one step ahead," Optimal Optic Service has

developed an Automatic Surfacing Tape Applicator with new cutting technology.



Optimal Optic Service presents an Automatic Protective Tape Applicator with heated knives.

"Hot-Knife Technology" offers the user perfected practical and economic advantages.


All our lens taping systems are in use worldwide and have an outstanding level of acceptance on

the market.



As a specialised precision manufacturer and supplier for the spectacle glass sector,

we are pleased to count many companies with international reputations amongst our customers.


Optimal Optic Service today is also represented by exclusive agents in the following countries:

- United States of America

- Japan

- Singapore


All our business partners are well-reputed companies in their home market and beyond.

In close cooperation with these partners, we offer an international service to our customers,

adapted to their special requirements.


Optimal Optic Service GmbH will continue to concentrate its efforts on serving as a customer

friendly and service oriented company. Quality management and innovative developments shall

be the framework on which the pillars of our partnership shall be based.